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I strongly believe that every individual has the potential to achieve greatness in their personal and professional lives. However, this journey is often filled with obstacles, self-doubt, and fear. As a coach, my role is to serve as a transformation catalyst, guide, and support system for individuals seeking to realize their full potential.

Hi my name is Rini Adhikari, I am an executive and life coach, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. People and their stories deeply interest me, and I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential through meaningful learning experiences.My journey as a coach began during a personal healing journey, I found my life's purpose in helping others find their answers.

With over two decades of experience in corporate leadership and personal development, I have gained a deep understanding of navigating complex professional environments and overcoming hurdles to bring about positive change.

I have worked in a variety of industries, including media, banking, and social & digital media, with leading organizations such as Microsoft, JP Morgan and Times of India Group. Being an entrepreneur and marketing professional, I understand the pressure of making choices to grow a business, especially with the plethora of social media platforms available. Having worked in a fast-paced digital media space, including setting up a start-up, consulting strategy, and running a business, I have experienced the challenges of keeping up and trying to constantly climb the ladder.

I hold a Master's degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing, from the IIM in Ahmedabad, India, and a B.Engg Ahmedabad, India. I am a Professional  Certified Coach (ICF-PCC) and Emotional Intelligence Life Coach Certified, with certifications in Positive Intelligence coaching, NLP and Transactional Analysis 101.

As a certified Executive and Life coach, I have worked with people from different backgrounds and ages, from tweens to adults, to improve their satisfaction in life by achieving personal and professional goals. My heart-centered approach to coaching encourages clients to connect with their inner selves, discover their uniqueness, and partner with me to transform their learning and insight into action.

Apart from my private coaching practice, I have also worked pro bono with various NGOs such as Mindtree in India, Unison and Nesbitt Centre in Hong Kong, and Impact in Hong Kong, coaching staff responsible for empowering people with diverse needs.

As a mother to a teen and a young adult and a wife to someone with a high-pressure job, I understand the challenges of balancing personal and professional responsibilities. In my spare time, I enjoy pottery, Mahjong, Scrabble, Kokonotsu, cooking, baking, knitting, dancing, and crosswords.

Whether you are seeking a coach to help you unlock your full potential or achieve your personal and professional goals, I would love to connect with you. Let's explore how I can support you in your transformational journey.

Certifications & Qualifications

  • ICF Credited, PCC & ACC Coach 

  • Emotional Intelligence Life Coach (Accredited).

  • Transactional Analyst 101, The Berne Institute

  • Licensed Neurolinguistic Practitioner

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coach, Cornell University

  • MBA , Indian Institute of Ahmedabad, India

  • B Tech, Textile Tech. India.

  • ICF Board Member, Hong Kong Chapter

Coaching Certifications

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