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Impressed, eye-opening, non judgemental, here's what my clients have been saying...


Meenakshi Singh, Google

I have been working with Rini for the past 6 months and I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Rini has helped me to identify and overcome my limiting beliefs, develop my strengths, and achieve my goals. I am now more confident, focused, and successful in my career. I highly recommend Rini to anyone who is looking to improve their life.


Abhijit Navlekar,Asia Research & Capital Management

I had approached Rini for an intro coaching session to discuss some issues I was having at work and with respect to my future career decisions. I found Rini's approach to be very comprehensive as she tries to get an understanding of the context and asks pointed questions that make one re-think their own perspective. After the initial session I signed on for a package and through her help was able to unpack the reasons for why I was facing those issues and ways to tackle them effectively. She gave me various thought exercises and asked questions that helped me gain a deeper understanding into my own personality and helped me broaden my perspective and gain some confidence. After the sessions, I felt more confident and focused at work, and also learnt new ways to sidestep some of the issues that used to bother me earlier. I highly recommend Rini to anyone who is at a crossroad in their career


Gurveen Bhasin​,  IQIVA

I had a couple of sessions with Rini and really loved the way she firstly helped me feel comfortable and then helped me unpack a lot of emotional and mental baggage that I had been carrying on for a while. I liked her provocative approach that got me thinking quite a bit and also challenge some of my own long held beliefs. As Rini kept on probing my thoughts and challenging me on my thinking, I started looking at things from different angles and it broadened my perspective. Really want to thank Rini for an intense but very useful and helpful conversation.


Gloria Ma,Entrepreneurs & Leaders in Innovation & Intrapreneurship

I had a coaching conversation with Rini. I'm impressed by her unique way to being connected with me for my discovery and exploration. The provoking questions and unfolding process brought me another level of clarity naturally. She is on my recommendation list to whom need coaching support.


Kavita Vakil, Financial Consultant

I recently took life coaching from Rini Adhikari and had an enriching experience.  Being a formally trained and credentialled ICF Life Coach, the one-on-one coaching sessions she conducts are very structured and insightful.  Her non-judgemental approach, skillful questioning, attentive listening skills, and intuitive and caring nature make her the best choice for a life coach. Her sessions gave me clarity of thoughts and ideas, a clear plan of action to overcome hurdles and effective tools to implement the plan successfully.   If you are looking for a life or career coach with high integrity, professionalism, strict adherence to moral and ethical codes of conduct, and confidentiality, Rini is the life coach I would personally recommend.


Surekha Sagiri, Mindtree

I have difficulty in sharing my troubles or thoughts running in my mind with anybody. Speaking with you was easy, especially about my kid. I am trying whatever we discussed about rewarding and punishing. You made me realize that I am not a bad parent. I can see some changes in his behavior by applying whatever we discussed.  He is not hurting others as much as he used to do when getting angry. Thank you so much for listening to my troubles and concerns. It has made me more stronger and confident about my decisions 😊 

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